今日节目单视频:卡恩中国行活动 女球迷对卡恩的讲话视频

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    搜狐体育讯 The introduction of my video

  Honestly speaking, I have no talent in football, but all a have is the love of football. All these years whenever i saw Kahn's match, i could feel his bravery and perseverance. His spirits encourage me deeply, even change the way i like football, the way i like my life. Never give up’s keep it in my mind. I hope to be part of the training .but i know that it is for the gifted boys’ really hope them to learn something from Kahn. Not only learn how to play football, but also how to be a man. Never give up. So I upload this video to test how luck i am. If there is a chance, i will do my best to seize them. Kahn did that, I could do it too. I just hope Kahn could see this video’s wrote to Kahn before .but I did not get the answer letter. it is o.k. is still a nice way we support our idol. I am a student in Shanghai .i looked forward for Kahn's visit. Even I could not see him. I would know that we were so closed in the same city. send my best wishes to Kahn, my hero.